Socialist Party L.A. Local August Membership Meeting

When: Saturday, August 9th, 2pm

Where: 2617 Hauser Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

What’s happening:
We have an ecosocialist action coming up as well as a speaking event in Venice. We’ll cover approaches to both actions. We also decided by vote at the July meeting that, in addition to our regular agenda items, we will be dividing into work groups focusing on particular areas of interest during the meeting, re-convening after the discussion period to present participants with ideas. All are welcome!

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Last Call: Take an Ad Out in the Socialist Party National Organizing Conference Journal!

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SUBMIT YOUR AD BY July 15, 2014

Don’t forget to get your registration on! If you or someone you know is in or near the Chicago area, come check out the National Organizing Conference — a weekend of organizing workshops, plus a plenary:

Socialist Party USA National Organizing Conference - Plenary

Socialist Party USA L.A. Local Freedom School – “Why We Radicalize”

When: Saturday, July 19th, 6pm

Where: 2617 Hauser Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

What’s going on: This will be a group discussion where participants explain the experiences and processes that made a contribution to their choice to radicalize. Anyone is welcome to join – participation is not necessary. It will be totally fine to attend and listen, if you choose. This might be a great event to attend if you have an interest in socialist / radical politics and /or ideas, but would like to learn more.

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IWW Member, Phillip Ruiz, RELEASED!!!


After receiving word that IWW member, Phillip Ruiz, was being held in prison beyond his release date without explanation, a phone zap was organized to pressure the Office of the Inspector General, the Office of Ombudsman, the Warden at Chino and Counselor Tovar to release him.

The phone zap, which took place on July 2nd, involved over 100 concerned community members from all over the U.S.

Today, we received word from IWW member Matt Hart that Phillip has been released and is now free and at home with loved ones. Phillip told Matt that the phone bank is what triggered the release, proving that ACTION DOES WORK!

Socialist Party USA Women’s Commission statement on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision

“On June 30th, the US Supreme Court granted an exception to the contraception mandate of the Affordable Care Act to Hobby Lobby. This decision effectively bars Hobby Lobby’s predominantly low-wage workers from obtaining IUDs—which are the most effective and expensive form of reversible contraception. The ruling also limits access to emergency contraception on the grounds of religious objections; though medications, procedures and devices related to impotence and erectile dysfunction are still fully covered.

The Supreme Court has sent a strong message to all Americans: the rights of corporate persons trump the rights of female persons. The Women’s Commission of the SP-USA is appalled by this gross violation of a woman’s bodily sovereignty. We oppose the Supreme Court’s ruling and any legislation that limits access to birth control and abortion, for access to contraception is a human right. The Women’s Commission of the SP-USA also opposes the idea of corporate personhood and calls for a universal, socialized healthcare system under which all women would have access to all forms contraception.”

Phone zap for Phillip Ruiz – PLEASE HELP!

It appears that there is an IWW member, Phillip Ruiz, who, without any charges being released to indicate why, is being denied release from prison. Here are details about how you might be able to help:

“Phone Zap for Fellow Worker Phillip Ruiz

Phillip Ruiz, a Fellow Worker from the Los Angeles GMB, was scheduled to be released from the California Institution for Men, Chino on June 21st. Despite his release date, FW Ruiz has yet to be freed.

As of today, FW Ruiz has not been informed of any charges filed against him that would cause his delayed release. However, what is known is that days prior to Ruiz’s release date, a counselor by the name of Devlin threatened Ruiz that if he did not rescind a request for an internal affairs’ investigation related to errors made in the calculation of his time served, that he would held past his release date. It has become apparent that Counselor Devlin has followed through with his threat.

We are calling on all Fellow Workers and fellow travelers to respond to this injustice. On Wednesday, July 2nd, please call the numbers listed below and demand the following:

1. The immediate release of Phillip Ruiz (ID number is V91301);

2. If any charges are pending, that Ruiz be informed of said charges;

3. An investigation into the conduct of Counselor Devlin for misconduct and misuse of power;

Numbers to Contact:

Office of the Inspector General – (916) 255-1131

Office of Ombudsman – (916) 445-1773

Tim Perez, Warden at Chino – (909) 597-1821

Counselor Tovar – (909) 597-1821 ext. 6006″



Socialist Party L.A. Local July Membership Meeting

When: Saturday July 12th, 2pm

Where: 2617 Hauser Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

What’s going on: Lots to cover. School will be starting soon – campus activities? Update on SP commissions, including future climate change actions. Youtube channel? YPSL expanding? Freedom School topics? Come on out and party!

Facebook event page: